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GENE VINCENT 40TH ANNIVERSARY OF HIS PASSIN OCT12.2011 / ON CALIFORNIA PRESS GENE VINCENT FANS MARK 40th YEAR SINCE DEATH, BURIAL AT FRIENDLY VALLEY — First-generation rockabilly/rock ‘n’ roller Gene Vincent, whose immortal single « Be Bop A Lula » and rock movie appearances with his group The Blue Caps made him a superstar on both sides of the Atlantic in 1956, died 40 years ago Oct. 12 at age 36. A posthumous Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame inducteein 1988, Virginia-born Vincent is one of the most famous residents of Eternal Valley Memorial Park and Mortuary on Sierra Highway in Newhall. He’s buried in Plot 91 in the Garden of Repose. Christian Bouyer, a fan from Angouleme, France, who now lives in L.A. and works at DisneyToon Studios as a CG character modeler, is coordinating a memorial gathering for Vincent fans. He’s setting it up in conjunction with the Gene Vincent Lonely Street international fan club run by Lee Loo, who’s traveling from her home in France to attend the event and visit Vincent’s burial site.

The gathering at Joe’s Great American Bar & Grill in Burbank on Wednesday, Oct. 12, starting at 6 p.m., and it’s free (you pay for your own food, though). Fans are invited to share Vincent stories and memories, and perhaps perform a song or two. For more info or to sign up to play, check out the event website. There’s also a Facebook page For the fan club and an event page(REGISTER!) Lee-Loo and C. Bouyer put together. And find out more about Vincent, his music, troubled life, tragic death, and profoundly lasting influence with a visit to the Rockabilly Hall of Fame site. read online Open/click CALIFORNIA SANTA CLARITA NEWS

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California – Los Angeles – Gene Vincent fanclub meeting -oct12 2011 – event for 40th anniversary of his passing With the participation of Ray Campi , Rip Master , Ronnie Mark , and more !

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Hi All I have the great pleasure to come to you to make official the october 12th event for Gene Vincent ‘s 40th anniversary . The chosen place is … » Joe’s great american bar and grill  » in Burbank , California It will be completely free of charge This place is well known in the Los Angeles area and more particularly in the San Fernando Valley to be a place of choice for rockabilly and americana music so it was a natural choice .I am very happy that we could make an agreement . We will start at 6:00 PM with food and drinks available for all . If we have enough people interested we can have a buffet at the cost of 10 US Dollars per person . If we go that route that would help the kitchen ( and us ) to avoid chaos in the orders and everything would be ready right away when we get on the premises. Their only request for those not eating is to have at least two drinks during  the evening The owner is very excited to host our gathering and is trying to help in any respect to help us to get the best out of the evening . The first part of the event from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM , as I mentioned before will be about mingling with all the fans coming to honor Gene’s memory with good food and drinks . We will be playing recorded music from Gene’s entire recording career and beyond. During this period of 2 hours , everyone that will express the desire to speak about their experience with gene , their memories , or simply to express their love to him will register next to the stage preparing for the second half of the evening starting around 8:00 PM . We will have a full stage with microphone and sound system to accommodate . I received a few request for playing live music during the evening and I know that a lot of participants will be musicians . We initially didn’t want to have the evening as a single band show based event to keep the whole gathering about gene himself and the fans , but he most probably would love live music to be part of it , so decision has been made to let the show go on and unfold as it is meant to be . Everyone that will desire to perform can register , starting now , so we can schedule the evening in an organized manner . Let me know who you are , what you are planning to perform and if you have musicians/instruments with you or if you need some , as we will have just the basic sets of drums , guitar and bass available . All of that is taking life in a very organic way and what started as a simple get together and have a drink is transforming into a more pleasant memory making evening . With your help and ideas we’ll continue to make it evolve and we’ll gladly receive any suggestions from you all . It is your event after all which is meant for Gene Vincent , to be with him the best way we can in a sincere honest way . We might be able to accommodate last minute decisions to play or sing but no guarantee can be made that it would be possible depending on the demand , so register as early as possible , but know that you can always come from 6:00 PM to 8:00 Pm the very day and formulate your demand . It is going to be a very emotional moment all dedicated for gene , who left us 40 years ago to the day so although we want to be in a light joyfull mood , we a are asking that no merchandising business or else would be conducted using the event as a promotional support .We thank you in advance for respecting this rule . You can email me for requests or questions at  » chrisbouyer7@yahoo.com  » or through the fan club lonely street on Facebook . This event is happening because the enormous interest generated through Facebook in the international gene vincent fan club created by Lee-Loo She’s had , for the last five years , a life completely dedicated to gene and she accomplished the purest act of love by not counting her time , sweat , and frustrations sometime , all of that without any resources to unify all the fans under the same roof , so to speak . So hats off to her for what she did and I am proud to contribute to this effort to materialize even more on october 12th . To summarize please let me know if you want to have a buffet for the cost of 10 Dollars per person ( Joe’s place free ) and also if you would like to perform . Please avoid the apologies for not coming or not performing and let’s keep the mails about scheduling the event I look forward to talk to everyone that express the desire to do so and I’ll be available from this day until october 12th to make magic happen and be the coordinator of what you , as fans , want to make out of the experience .
Love to all
Your friend
Chris Christian Bouyer
United States Delegate for the fan club Gene Vincent Lonely Street

Event website

Every fan of Gene! It will be very emotional to meet you all on the occasion of gene’s 40th anniversary of his passing . Maybe , like myself , you will be able to be in Newhall with Gene this time around . I’m sure he would be happy to know that we gathered to celebrate his music for which he lived. On this occasion, I will be in this event in California, and I hope to see you there.

Lee-Loo President and founder of Gene Vincent Fan club Lonely Street


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